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The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is a specialized treatment for people who have difficulties with communication and/or producing certain sounds. It is provided by a speech language pathologist (also known as a speech therapist). Some examples include a child under the age of three who is not producing enough words for their age. Another example is an adult who has suffered a stroke and cannot remember certain words.

What is the first step of therapy?

To begin this journey together, the speech therapist will meet with the family. Together they will discuss the concerns, background history, and what they would like to gain from therapy. If necessary, a comprehensive evaluation will be conducted. Schedule a 15 minute (FREE) consultation call with us to review your concerns and discuss the next steps.

Can an evaluation/treatment be done in both languages?

Yes! Our therapists are bilingual (English/Spanish) providers who are trained in working with individuals from diverse backgrounds. In fact, when more than one language is spoken at home, it is best practice to conduct a bilingual evaluation as opposed to just in one language. This will help determine whether a language difference or disorder is present and it will impact the course of treatment.

Do you offer teletherapy?

Yes! Teletherapy works well for many individuals. We will work with you to determine if in-person or online teletherapy is more suitable for you.

How much does therapy cost?

The cost will be determined based on the length of the session. Please contact us for more details regarding cost and potential reimbursement options.

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