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Speech & Language Milestones Part 1: (0-24 months)

Hi there! If you are a parent, I'm sure you are familiar with milestones. There are different milestones for each age and discipline (speech, gross motor, fine motor). This blog will focus on milestones related to speech and language. First, let me explain what I mean by speech and language.

Speech: refers to the production of sounds. Keep in mind this might be different if you speak more than one language at home--for the purpose of this blog, I am using English-based norms.

Language: refers to the understanding and expression of communication.

The milestones are meant to be used as a guideline for keeping track of your child's developmental process.

Speech & Language Milestones by Age:

0-3 Months:

  • (0-2 months) Infants produce vegetative and/or reflexive sounds (coughing, burping, grunting)

  • Makes open vowel sounds (e.g. oo, ee, ah)

  • Shows interest in their caregiver

  • Makes eye contact

  • Smiles

  • Infants show different types of cries (e.g. being hungry vs. being tired)

  • Recognize familiar voices (e.g. family members)

3-6 Months:

  • (3-4 months) being the cooing/gooing stages (meaning they make these sounds)

  • Begins laughing

  • Makes raspberries

  • Begins babbling (e.g. ba)

  • Moves their eyes toward a sound/noise

6-12 Months:

  • (6 months) responds to their name

  • Understands about 50 words (e.g. no)

  • Uses common gestures (e.g. waving for hi/bye)

  • Begins to say consonants (e.g. "b")

  • (10 months) Produces jargon (strings of sounds that have no meaning, but has intonation--pretending to talk)

  • Shares attention with caregiver

  • Imitates sounds/actions

  • (12 months) First word (usually mama/dada)

12-18 Months:

  • Follows simple directions (e.g. sit down)

  • Responds to simple questions (e.g. yes/no)

  • Imitates new words

  • Identifies common objects (e.g. shoes)

  • Uses gesture + word (points "mama")

18-24 Months:

  • (18 months) Uses 50 words

  • Puts two words together (e.g. more milk)

  • Identifies body parts and common action words (e.g. jump)

  • Understands simple spatial directions (e.g. in/on/up/down)

  • Asks questions (e.g. what's that?)

  • (24 months) Uses about 200+ words

  • Uses pronouns: me, my, mine

  • Sorts objects by shape/color

*If you read this blog and have questions regarding your child's development, feel free to reach out to us!*

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